We are doctors, researchers with experience and creativity.

Gealpharma step by step.

The project was born from the passion of Pier Paolo Pilotti, surgeon homeopath and phytotherapy, that in the early 90s began to produce extracts of medicinal plants with the assistance of expert naturalists and botanists. In 2005 he joins in the work and life Maddalena Guido, graduated in CTF, which leaves the business of Technical Director of a pharmaceutical plant.

Currently some young researchers are developing in different areas of research, recognition of phytocomplexes responsive actions clinics and observed the mode of action of the same. Mauro Giorno supports the work of the technical team in the role of sales manager.

Meet the Team

Products created by experts.

  • Giulia Ferlenda
      Giulia FerlendaSviluppo e ricerca

      Laureata in ingegneria Biomedica. Svolge il ruolo di responsabile sviluppo e ricerca.

    • Maddalena Guido
        Maddalena GuidoOwner

        Graduated in Chemistry and pharmaceutical technology, empowered the technical direction of of pharmaceutical companies, member of the AFI for complementary medicines from 2000 until today. For 15 years has been technical director of allopathic and homeopathic pharmaceutical companies, today holds the position of owner in Gealpharma.

      • Pier Paolo Pilotti
          Pier Paolo PilottiScientific Consultant

          Dott. Pier Paolo Pilotti Medical Surgeon and Homeopath phytotherapist, consultant to homeopathic companies, professor at the University of Milan-Department of Bioclimatology 2000-2002, referee for the complementary medicines as part of CME program of the Ministry of Health.

        • Claudia Bertinat
            Claudia BertinatBotanical Consultant

            Graduated in Forest and Environmental Sciences, inside the company performs the important role of the recognition of botanical species collected and the choice of collection sites where they grow naturally.

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