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The gems of Alnus glutinosa offer us the raw material with which we formulate and prepare our product, they are collected in the period of April, and immediately entered in the solvent so as to maintain as much as possible the principles of the plant complex. They are usually harvested in the valley of Bricherasio from wild vegetables elements.

The production method of macerated glycerine has been defined and developed in our research labs, it has been studied an internal procedure that takes into account the average weight of the buds and the resulting surface extraction of the same. Therefore, a method of preparation of such characteristics responsive defines three main categories of Gems:

Small (average weight of less than 0.1 g) are diluted in a drug solvent ratio of 1 to 20.

Averages (average weight of between 0.1 and 0.4 g): which are diluted in a drug solvent ratio of 1 to 15.

Large (average weight of more than 0,4 g): which are diluted in a drug solvent ratio of 1 to 10.

The gems of Alnus glutinosa fall into the category of small-sized gems.

Also, solvents maceration and dilution have been studied in order to obtain products with a lower alcohol content and the products are diluted and dynamized to 20% in order to obtain more concentrated products which require lower dosages, therefore our products are suitable for both infants and for older people.

The benefits of Alnus glutinosa:

The therapeutic application follows algorithm prescriptive leading our gems derivate to balance breathing trade represented by color-coded blue.

With these characteristics inherent in the final product of the specialties most frequently used for the Alnus glutinosa are:Pediatrics, Otolaryngology.

Thanks to their versatility our macerated glycerin can be used individually, or associating with other gems derivative or tinctures. You get the products targeted for all kinds of therapy, or you can incorporate them in cosmetic formulations.


Trade Blue


Pediatrics, Otolaryngology

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